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Beans is a good and affordable source of protein, used in preparing akara (bean balls/bean cake), ‘danwake’ (bean dumplings) and moi-moi (bean pudding). 

The preparation process for these foods is usually long and stressful; the bean seeds are sorted, dehulled, ground, etc before the main cooking begins. Some women, to prepare akara for breakfast, spend the previous day just preparing
the bean seeds. In view of this, Mojmacay Global Company came up with a solution that eliminates the bottle necks, and as well preserves the quality and taste of the end product, be it Moinmoin, Gbegiri or Akara

AKETBABA Bean Flour is a 500g, completely organic product aimed at easing the pains of working class , grandmothers and all lovers of Moin-moin,
akara (bean cakes) and gbegiri (bean porridge stew).

Produced from the best of Beans sourced in Nigeria, the production has gone through highly hygenic environment, with quality at the heart of its production process.Coming of the stables of Mojmacay Resources Ltd, it’s production is
done in a highly hygienic environment, with ease of use, quality and customer focus as the main drivers.

NAFDAC Certification: A8-54016L


100% Local Beans

Easy to Prepare

No additives

Easily preservable

Same taste