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We produce African food commodities well packaged and hygienically prepared.

We produce, package and sell agro commodities. We produce African food commodities well packaged and hygienically prepared

A list of our product line up

AKETBABA has a lineup of Organic Products that have delighted the populace for a while now

Beans is a good and affordable source of protein, used in preparing akara (bean balls/bean cake), ‘danwake’ (bean dumplings) and moi-moi (bean pudding).

Our Kulikuli snack is prepared from the best of Groundnut of Northern Nigerian region, in a thoroughly hygienic process,with the choice of ingredients.

AKETBABA Locust beans is produced under the best of hygiene conditions, sand-free and produced to be very dry and cruchy

Our Pap Extraordinaire is one of a kind; it contains a mixture of Wheat, Millet, Sorghum and Soyabeans, produced organically for our customer’s consumption.

For lovers of Moinmoin, Akara and Gbegiri, that craves for ultimate freshness, without the stress of picking and peeling beans, the AKETBABA Peeled Beans is specially made for you.

Instant Gari is a product that was borne out of a necessity to add value to one of the most popular Nigerian Product, Gari.

Client Testimonials

What do our customers think of our products?

The Kulikuli from Aketbaba is top-notch, a class act above the rest, as it melts in the mouth, very tasty and my kids always loved it.

Ogheneroro John

Eliworld Int’l

My colleagues at work almost mobbed me for just buying a pack initially, as they all rushed to grab a piece. Now, the product is an household name, and can only be better.

Tomi Oyet

Company name

The Bean Flour is by far the best, its smooth, organic and with no adulterated mixture. Made Akara with the Flour, and it was so fluffy, that my 3-year old son got hooked on and made it a sunday-sunday affair

Oluwatomisin . A

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